Under Pressure


Under Pressure


I’m chewing off much more than I can bite

A habit deep engrained for many years

I know I didn’t get that first line right

This brain disease reduces me to tears


My working memory beyond repair

I really shouldn’t overload my day

I recognise I must take greater care

For there are consequences I must pay


My concentration wanders in the breeze

I dither and I dather in a daze

I need to pace not race along at speed

Through life the way I did in former days


Degenerating neurons in my head

Are why I mustn’t thin myself too spread



Martin Pickard


Martin Pickard started writing poetry in 2019 following his retirement from business after fifty years and lives with his wife and cocker spaniel in Bedfordshire. He was a runner up in the Parkinson’s Art Vivid Dreams poetry competition and is the host of their monthly open mic night, Poets with Parkinson’s.

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