The Suffering in This Land



The Suffering in This Land



I have seen hewers of wood

Thronged into the bush

In the wee hours of the day

Only to return when the sun is travelling home

With things that cannot

Fetch a day’s meal.


I have seen breakers of stones

Toil from dawn to dusk

With pain engraved on their foreheads

You need not to go close

To understand their agony.


I have seen broken men mumbling

You need not to peer into their faces

To understand that they are faces

Without bodies

And faces without bodies.


I have seen struggling souls

With their wares

Stranded by the roadside

Cursing silently

Their purse is empty

They didn’t have what it takes

To settle the taxman

So they can continue their journey

To the market.



Aliyu Yakubu



Dr. Aliyu Yakubu is a lecturer at the Department of Applied Biology/ Microbiology, Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. He is into poetry and short story writing. His work have appeared in Spillwords, Arkowrites, and other online platforms.

Location: Nasarawa, Nasarawa State, Nigeria


Phone Number: +2348067834134.



I wish to express my profound appreciations to Odu Ode, Sani Kasim Ghabi, Eze Ifeanyichukwu Peter, and Isah Aliyu Chiroma who have been keeping the flames of my literary desires burning. More appreciations are due than are conveyed here.



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