The End of Dinner


The End Of Dinner


There’s no dissembling at this table.

Their intentions are quite clear.

They both have an equal interest in bringing things to fruition.


It starts with the bubbliest gazing.


Then, spellbound, they sit as the food grew cold,

as the synchronization of forks and spoons barely touched has passed.


And thus grows a yearning so grand, 

as if it had been an action contracted.


A lucky, quick taxi,

an urban save for couples in the throes of anticipation.


Mature adults imitating one of the rites of teenage passage,

with the inexorable grasping, groping, kissing.

The end of dinner marked by a hunger

far surpassing the need for mastication.


Lust’s passion now served.



Linda Imbler


Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include six published paperbacks: Big Questions, Little Sleep, Big Questions, Little Sleep” second edition (expanded with 66 additional poems), Lost and Found, Red Is The Sunrise, Bus Lights, Travel Sights, and Spica’s Frequency.  Soma Publishing has published her four e-book collections, The Sea’s Secret Song, Pairings, a hybrid of short fiction and poetry, and That Fifth Element, and Per Quindecim. Her new book, Spica’s Frequency, will be published on December 1, 2021. Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at  

In addition to writing, she helps her husband, a Luthier, build acoustic guitars and steel strings in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.  They are currently working on number 10.


  1. beautiful on the risque side of things but nothing wrong with that

    1. Thank you for reading, Chelsea. I am grateful to you for that and your comments.

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