Mulberry Wine


Mulberry Wine

(Inspiration from Light Far From The Hill – by Linda Adair)



Sailing and camping

With youthful exuberance

Tutors and students alike

High on adrenaline


300 and more tents and caravans jumbled


Guy-ropes and tent pegs

Inconspicuous to trip and snag shins

Guy-ropes strung to trees



Night falls after long days

Black nights, starry skies

Dense black, tall, grotesque, looming trees

Shapes of lonely, empty caravans

I spy a familiar glow.


Gas lamps under canvas verandas

Glowing inside tents

Telling who was at home.

Warm and welcoming

Beacons from a distance


Looking for parents

Sharing a home-made, potent mulberry wine?

Follow the raucous giggling…

Alison’s tent, always.

Always Alison’s tent.

Julia Vaughan

Julia Vaughan moved to Australia with her husband in 1989, and began writing poetry after attending inspiring Victorian Surf Coast U3A “I just don’t get poetry” classes. Having poems dotted sparsely across the internet, she dreams of becoming an accomplished poet. When not dreaming, she can be found walking the beaches with her two Vizsla dogs.

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  1. the best poetry is about spirit of the moment. too much published today is about look at me impress you with vocabulary.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was hoping that I captured the spirit of the moment, capturing a memory from my childhood.

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