A Dog For a Wife


A Dog For A Wife

I got my husband a dog,

he always wanted one,

I’m demeaning and opinionated

The dog is friendly and unassuming.

I yell,

the dog yields happily

and asks for more.


the dog doesn’t go shopping,

picks up the phone

or drives to appointments,

My husband will have to do all that,

I’m done,

the keys are under the doormat.

Aviva Derenowski

Aviva Derenowski lives in New York with Alex, who writes Science Fiction. She gets her inspiration by letting her fingers converse with the keyboard. She published a few books, including Talking to my mother-99 anecdotes and 36 Actions of Love.


  1. This was a delight to read.

  2. a ruff read but delightful in its playfulness

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