The Future


The Future


A young, scrawny, active lad

At Marondera High School

Smaller than the Afrikaaner’s sons

So easy to bully.


Eager, dynamic, easily jaded.

Teachers didn’t harness the need

To learn.  Thought he was recalcitrant.

Just a young man, with a busy, busy brain.


Rugby was an outlet

Played like a demon.

Always socks down, shirt hanging out.

Loved the tricky Rice Pudding moves.


Woodwork was compulsory, and so boring.

Patience Mansfield, the maths teacher

Saw potential, and offered a deal

Maths instead of woodwork, plus extra.


Some deal?


Baz worked and thrived.

All woodwork classes

All free periods

Maths, maths, maths.  Maths.


50 years later, and he still rates

Miss Mansfield as his best teacher.

Still rates her intervention

As a lifesaving one.



 Julia Vaughan 

Julia Vaughan moved to Australia with her husband in 1989, and began writing poetry after attending inspiring Victorian Surf Coast U3A “I just don’t get poetry” classes.  Having poems dotted sparsely across the internet, she dreams of becoming an accomplished poet.  When not dreaming, she can be found walking the beaches with her two Vizsla dogs.


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  1. starting to become a fan of this passionate work.

    1. Wow! Thank you Calvin. I am so pleased you like my work.

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