There is a blank on your CV.

A missing signature

where you place the x of your life.

A place where lost words

are never found.


Life is full of colour, yet it is

missing from your days.

Do you dream in black and white?

Can you edit your history in a half light?

Life is a harsh prophet.

The night will always come.


Do you struggle to find meaning

in a wasteland of missing metaphors

and pointless paragraphs?

Do you need an emotional translator?


Or are you ready for a long journey?

To scribble your future

on your defaced years.


Please try it.

Your mind is out of print.


Alan Ford

 I have had poems published in Down in the Dirt, Ariel Chart, Conclave, Academy of the Heart and Mind,Blue LakeReview and Dissident Voice literary magazines. Like Carol Ann Duffy and the late Felix Dennis I write poems from life.


  1. a real knock out poem. what an ending.

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