Now the Stars Hide


Now the Stars Hide



I grew up in the countryside,

on a farm with the nearest 

neighbor a quarter mile away.

Every night the stars shone like

unreachable precious jewels

adorning eternity-- and I felt

very, very small and yet, 

strangely, also very, very old

and more, oh, so much more

than my daytime self drunk

on the petty and the mundane.


Now I live on a quarter acre 

with neighbors on my left and

neighbors on my right and 

neighbors across the street and 

a big city so near it cloaks even 

the light of stars at night and 

I am left only with the memory 

of Eternity…


 Nolo Segundo

Nolo Segundo, pen name of L.J.Carber, became a published poet in his mid-70's in over 100 literary journals including in print by Tipton Poetry Journal, Cerasus, Poetry Quarterly, Torrid Literary Journal, Poetry Quarterly, Superpresent, Taj Mahal Review, Patterson Literary Review, North Dakota Review; online in Literary Heist, Spadina Literary Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, Pif, Sparks of Calliope, Route 7 Review and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Spirit Fire Review.   The trade publisher Cyberwit has released 2 book length collections: The Enormity of Existence (2020) and Of Ether and Earth (2021). 


  1. nothing like a poetic poem with a poetic title. i can relate to this material.

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