Angels of each of the seven laughter

Tribulation and poverty coin

Proselyte holds fast to Des Moines

I know your works have suffered thereafter

They are impoverished after the grafter

Her hand in his pocket scratching his groin

Remain faithful until death sirloin

Angel of the church sleeps in the rafter

Christ is always presented in the glass

Trivial remarks Ilk a slap

Holy horror to face dead bass

Ship of the desert the camel strap

Exquisite variations Irish Brass

Whale with a harpoon hairpin wrap         


Terry Brinkman

Terry has been painting for over forty-five years. Has Five Amazon E-Books. Poems in Rue Scribe, Tiny Seed. Winamop, Snapdragon Journal, Poets Choice, Adelaide Magazine, Variant, the Writing Disorder, Ink Pantry, In Parentheses, Ariel Chart, New Ulster, Glove, and in Pamp-le-mousse, North Dakota Quarterly, Barzakh, Urban Arts, Wingless Dreamer, LKMNDS and Elavation. 


  1. there is a beauty and grandeur to this piece. Are there more? Is the number just part of the title?

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