School Days


School Days


Sitting at my desk piled high with looming projects due

My mind wanders to days when work was only graded

I can still feel the satisfying crunch of the first fall leaves under my sneakers laces double knotted as I walk to the bus stop

I sit next to the new boy with green eyes,

Our tan and scrapped knees touching

He offers me a stick of gum

Which I decline In sixteen years he will ask me to be his wife and I will accept

I take out my pencils and notebooks carefully labeled,

The start of my OCD

Ms. Volpe's animated voice

Instructs me to write about my summer vacation My mind goes blank

As I stare at Julie Brown's perfect French braids

In front of me,

Behind me Bobby Shore groans at the absurdity of being asked to write something

In math my cuticles bleed as I pray that Mr. White won't call on me The smudge on my paper grows

From erasing my hesitant answer

Throngs of excited chatter

Echo through the halls

Laughter and screams ensue

Until the bell rings

Reigning us into the next class

A class spent Daydreaming Or attentively taking notes

Worrying about not being asked out

Or restlessly tapping

Anticipating the next test score

Lunch is a turkey sandwich An apple some carrot sticks And a broken cookie

With a note from my mother

Telling me she loves me

That she is proud of me

Sydney Stuart leads the conversation at the head of the table Or rather a monologue

As all the girls gaze at her wantingly

I could care less

I run as fast as I can

But still the slowest

Not having been gifted with my sibling's athleticism My lunch bouncing in my stomach

"Go Sadey, go!" They cheer

And I try to go faster

Then 1 fall

And I want to cry

Not from the pain

But from the embarrassment

Knowing that the new boy with green eyes Had witnessed it.

But then his hand reaches down to me

And he lifts me up

His face full of concern

The face of concern I will grow to know all too well

From such a tender-hearted man

And then my phone rings

And I am brought back

My husband lets me know he will pick up Haley after school

And then I take a deep breath and start writing.

Shana Liddell 

I am from Illinois originally but have resided in Arizona for the past 15 years. I love the desert and the warm weather. I enjoy hiking and getting outdoors. I also have a passion for writing though I have never submitted my work for publication before. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband who loves to cook and a 17-month-old son who keeps me very busy and can make it difficult to find time to write. I also enjoy reading a good thriller as much as I like writing them.  


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