The Silence


 The Silence


Is there silence anywhere?

Do we always have to actively seek quiet,

hide from the noise, 

even beautiful sounds,

cacophony more powerful?


When  I was a child I read a Golden Book 

about Mrs. Flibberty-Jib and her husband. 

City noises drove them batty so they moved to the country 

for the quieter moos and chirps and that helped.

But they did not get away into total silence, 

just quieter, just better. 


The world is pandemonium,

 the loud clang of history

 deafens our hope.


The gurus of the world

demand isolation, quiet breathing, 

shutting out the world, even

muting our own heartbeats.

Jesus stole away for the silence to pray. 


There was a great silence in Heaven about half an hour

before the seventh seal opened. Was it truly silence? 

Do we have to wait for God’s Promised Return

before Silence reigns, when God can finally sleep

because of the deep sound of peace on Earth,

and finally good will between all men, women, 

children, animals and Nature?


 Seems so. Wake me up gently when it comes.


Vern Fein


A recent octogenarian, Vern Fein has published over 250 poems on over ninety different sites, a few being: A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Words and Whispers, Calla Press. Ariel Chart, Taj Mahal Review, Young Raven’s Review, and Stick Figure. His first poetry book—I WAS YOUNG AND THOUGHT IT WOULD CHANGE—was released earlier this year. 


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