War is Hell on Earth


War is Hell on Earth


Why do we send our treasure off to war?

Is it because our politicians don’t care?

How many don’t make it back to our shore?

Where families only have memories to share


Can any President justify the carnage of our youth?

When we were sent to Vietnam as advisors

Then sent again to Afghanistan to kill their youth

And then to kill Iraqis, where we weren’t any wiser


War is hell on earth, a living hell

That every lawmaker should have to face

Dead veterans can no longer tell

The living won’t talk because it was so base


America wasn’t threatened in 1963

Yet more than 3 million served in hell

Our liberty wasn’t in jeopardy in 2003

Yet the politicians sent thousands to their peril


We were taught to love our country

And to respect our government, one would suppose

But because of our leaders we filled many cemeteries

Under the gardens of stone our treasure lies in repose


 Lewis Lambert


I am an octogenarian, who has recently returned to earth and doesn’t recognize the world he left 20 years ago. Thus, my poetry is an expression of my confusion with, and disdain for the 21st century.

I have published seven novels that fuse historical fact with strong character driven fictional protagonists. I am a compulsive writer, with ideas that appear in a flicker of light, and if I don’t capture them in an instant, they are lost forever

I earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland, a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado.

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