Black Lab



Black Lab



The moment we stir,

he’s at our bedside.

His large body wiggles,

the tail swings wildly.


The sun hasn’t risen,

yet he’s already

in love with the new day.

He will make noise

until we rise, then

lead us to the living room

serenading with a squeak toy.


His thick black tail bangs

against walls and closet doors

as he sashays down the hall

announcing our arrival.    


I fetch his bowl of dog food,

and he reacts with surprise

and delight, further proof to him

of how great this day will be.


After his breakfast, he brings

me a tennis ball, which I roll

down the hall, and he captures.

When he tires of the game,

he collapses on his bed for a nap.

The house quiets and we are finally

allowed our coffee and paper.


Some mornings, cranky with fatigue,

I threaten that if he doesn’t

leave me alone I will cook him for dinner,

but he looks at me with the most trusting

eyes God ever made, and I know

I’ll march in the parade tomorrow morning.


Bruno Rescigna


My writing achievements include: short stories published in Elysian Fields Quarterly and the Bucks County Writer, two one-act plays produced at the University of New Mexico, comedy sketches presented on KUNM radio. My poems have appeared in Tidewater’s 2022 issue, Ariel Chart and Literary Yard. I was also a guest on the “Strength to Be Human” podcast in 2022.


  1. if you are going to write a dog poem, make it a grand gesture. You did it.

    1. thank you for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

  2. A wonderful poem!, especially for someone who owns (or does she own me?) a black lab!!!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. Remember, we are valued members of our Lab's staff.

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