Book Review and Book Launcnh of YA Novel ---Moraline by Cintia Alfonso Fior

I read this book because I wanted to find a good book for children (especially children in the Bay Area of California), that discusses ethnic and social differences and indigenous history. This book is an excellent resource for parents in search of such a book. The story is a sweet one about natural, supportive friendships between children of different genders and ethnic backgrounds. I enjoyed the demonstration of how children can be good friends to each other, as well as being curious about each other's backgrounds without being discriminatory.

The magical aspect of the book is also well-done and charming. There is a constant thread of magic and nature spirit that carries us through the book. I found myself very engaged by it as I read. My one critique might be that the title conjures up the highly popular Neil Gaiman novel of the girl whose name rhymes with "Moraline", at least in the spelling. Still, the fact that her name's definition is given in the book makes this forgivable.

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Elizabeth Mathiasen is a computational biologist, and graduate student living in the Bay Area of California. Full-on academic writing, she has turned to poetry as a palate cleanser and has found it delicious. She is a jewelry artist and twee ukulele songwriter, as well. She wishes to thank her friends and family who love her poetry enough to suggest that she seek publication. Ariel Chart was her first professional literary credit.



  1. looking forward to reading it to my grandkids.

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