All That Sets In An Overgrown Yard



All That Sets In An Overgrown Yard


If you could sum up my life in one frame—
Reduced to a chair, in an overgrown yard,
Alight with the flame of the setting sun, 
It sets, because that is what it’s meant to do.
And look, 
Don’t blink.
Don’t blink.
Because if you do, 
you’ll lose the right words 
Reducing you to a chair, in an overgrown yard. 
And look at you,
Look how well you’re growing.



Scott Cravens



Scott Cravens is a short story writer from Arkansas, and is based in Oklahoma where he teaches literature. Currently, he is a graduate student of writing at Johns Hopkins University. In 2022, he was shortlisted as a finalist for The Hopkins Review's "Stephen Dixon Prize" for fiction. His work has been published in: The Amethyst Review, Ariel Chart: International Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Danse Macabre, and Writer's Egg Magazine. 


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