The Book of They


The Book of They



I am a prisoner of the Book of They,

bound in knots, a bubbling stew of thoughts,

vanities, insanities, calamities

all day, hi-def in the

faceless Book of They.


Weaned on coded drugs that make us bray —

non-stop, unglued, an echo chamber of moods.

Self-righteous speeches by star-bellied Sneetches.

Harsh lights, cock fights in the

faceless Book of They.


Where went those dancing days of May?

We disguised and weaponized freedom of speech

to injure, monger, honor untruths,

3D, fact-free in the

faceless Book of They.


What if They went their merry way?

Just Us, face to face,

no longer debased,  

Would we — can we? — close the

faceless Book of They?



DJ Murphy


DJ Murphy is a poet, university lecturer, and Board Director for the Palm Springs Writers Guild.  His poem, Hope and Joy, received the People’s Choice Award in the 2023 Imagery of Words festival held by the Art Alliance of Idyllwild. Ariel Chart is his the first professional credit.

He received his BA in Journalism from Duquesne University, which in later years recognized his professional achievements in helping companies be more human-centered with its Excellence in Communications Ethics Award.

He lives and writes in Coachella Valley.


  1. strong writing and a fine glimpse into the philosophical.

  2. 3D, fact-free in the

    faceless Book of They." Fabulous work.

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