Paranoid Schizophrenia



Paranoid Schizophrenia



In the still of the dark,

lying dead awake,

sleep gives no escape.

Repeating and counting phrases,

is a mental drain,

like chasing a run-away train.

Anxiously anticipating,

Meeting the Minotaur who in his

labyrinth is awaiting.

As time passes in this state,

silence can’t be found,

confusion and chaos race around.

Days may pass in this state.

All you can do is tolerate.

When too much to take,

Death, it seems the only escape.



Michael Craig


Michael Craig Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, the silver state, and has seen many unusual people.  He writes poetry, children’s stories, and has created several board and card games.   His primary job is working in the security department for the Bureau of Reclamation (The Hoover Dam). 

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