That Death May Come


That Death May Come


Waves crash upon me,

 deep breath now.

        They swallow me,

taking me deep beneath

            the rising crest.





 in darkness.

The final surge of

            life leaving me.


I’m sinking into the abyss,

that death may come


like a kiss.

Rebecca Ward


Rebecca Ward is an adventurous, free-spirited woman, who after a career in Broadcast Journalism, is currently a full-time member of the Mississippi Air National Guard. After raising four children Rebecca has returned to her childhood love of creating poetry and art while engulfed in music. Rebecca’s first published poem Mysteries can be found in Bluebird Word’s October 2022 edition. Two pieces of Rebecca’s art “Salty wind”, and “The Bridge” can be found in 805 Lit+Art, and a third painting “A Dragon’s Kiss” can be found in The Sprawl Mag.

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