Dew Drops


Dew Drops


Only the dew dared to dance with delight

on the indifferent grass.

The tired flowers

were forced to move by the wind.

And the unhappy trees

hung their limbs like burdens

weighted down by equally miserable leaves.

Only the remnants of rain

could appreciate the sun

and respond to its brightness.


Pauline Olthof-Youn



Pauline Olthof-Youn is a high school English teacher who lives in Hamilton, ON.  She works with at risk kids at a high school in Burlington, ON. She only had two poems published before, in 1997 out of a magazine called Zygote, Winnipeg, Manitoba. She used to write for the St. Catharines Standard Youth page in her teenage years. Work and mothering gave her a long hiatus and she recently started writing again. 

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