Evening, Evening , Soft and Gentle



Evening, Evening, Soft and Gentle


and the sea and the moon

are the same to me.

and the memory game pieces on the table

are like david to me

like the one who walks ahead of us in the park

to darkness he is born naked and stark

like a bird of the stopped train

a jammed cassette.


and the sun is very old with sky

like the breezes that blow it by.

evening, evening, soft and gentle

today I saw flaming nettle

dive into the shaking birds

and below the opening leaves I saw

crisp crinkled moons

everyone everyone

like heaven revolving around me.

evening, evening, soft and gentle,

remind me, take away these beggars’ shoes.




Lydia  Quattrochi


L. Quattrochi is nineteen years old and a college student who's studying education. Writing always makes her smile. She has been published more than ten times in magazines, including Cathartic Youth Literary Review, Teen Ink, Cloudscent Journal, and The Weight Journal. 

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