My Pet Loneliness



My Pet Loneliness


It's a pretty unique pet I think

Some days it sits in its little wicker basket,

I blast sad 80s ballads on my little boom box

watching my pet raise its sleepy head

as it watches me dance alone, yet again

Other days, uninvited

it slithers across the ground

where I huddle in a corner,

knees to my chest,

eyes full of any reality but this one

It opens its mouth,

I see its pretty fangs,

and it swallows me whole

I don't mind

It's warm,

and dark,

and safe

No one can see me here,


in my pet loneliness


Ann Treffer

Anna Treffer is currently living in New Zealand where she is doing a Master of Human Interface Technology. In her spare time, she enjoys a vast variety of too many hobbies including writing, dancing and art. This is her very first writing professional credit.

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