Once upon a reveur


Once upon a rêveur,

Cast against a tar-like tree

Silhouetted under a forlorn sky, where teardrop shaped wings of a bird fly free-

is what she believed.

But rather like roots, in the ground where they lie unclean,

Was where her place was, alive but unseen.





Nadia Benielloun


Nadia Benjelloun is from Tangier, Morocco.As well as an award-nominated essayist and poet, and emerging filmmaker, she also currently serves as senior editor for Typehouse Literary Magazine. She has been featured in The Literary Yard, Eskimo Pie, In Parenthesis Journal, The Scarlet Leaf Review, DM du Jour at Danse Macabre, The Book Smuggler’s Den, The Sagebrush Review, The Abstract Elephant, Trouvaille Review, Silver Stork, the Wingless Dreamer, the African Writer Magazine, The Antonym, Quill Bell, Tenth Street Miscellany, Solarpunk Magazine and is forthcoming in many more. She is currently pursuing graduate school in the United Kingdom.

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