We made love in the cold and dark, 

when I felt your warmth while barely seeing you;

your head a gently moving silhouette,

outlined by infinitesimal light.


Then, the night the lone street lamp was broken and flickered

you walked out the door for the last time.

I stared as you faded farther and farther beyond my reach. 

My fingertips drew your back's diminishing silhouette

in the icy air until you were completely gone into the dark.

This December dawn, half asleep and prone I trace 

your figure on the uncrumpled half of this bed,

you long gone without a sign



 Karl Sevilla


Karlo Sevilla of Quezon City, Philippines is the author of the poetry collections “Metro Manila Mammal” (Soma Publishing, 2018) and “Recumbent” (forthcoming from 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing). Recognized among the Best of Kitaab 2018, shortlisted for the 2021 Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition, and thrice nominated for the Best of the Net, his poems appear in Philippines Graphic, Ariel Chart, Last Stanza Poetry Journal, San Antonio Review, Moss Puppy Magazine, Bulb Culture Collectiveand elsewhere. 


  1. Effectively written, haunting. I appreciate the subtle use of rhyme at the very end.

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