Scenes from My Window


Scenes from My Window


bitter frost

freezes my window,

an unwanted guest.

black cat

closes its eyes,

swallowed by midnight.

ravens gather

on a black bough,

bold and menacing.

in the morning,

a melting icicle

weeps over a dappled fawn.

spring arrives and

salamanders sing, 

rippling the pond

silvery and raw,

waking a water lily.

a spotted spider,

it’s house-broken

by a gust of wind,

is homeless and bereft.


 Lisa Lahey


Lisa Lahey is a Toronto writer and Associate Acquisitions Editor for After Dinner Conversations Magazine. She has been published in 34th Parallel Magazine, Spaceports and Spidersilk Magazine, Why Vandalism?, Suddenly, Without Warning, and will be published in the upcoming issues of Literally Stories, Five on the Fifth, and Epater Magazine. 

She is encouraged by her brother, Paul Lahey.

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