Ambient Lines of Delineation


Ambient Lines of Delineation



Slash the splashed thoughts
of reflective love deficits.

Seeping through shores
rimmed with rumination,
they’ll steal contentment.


Demolish musty aphorisms,

untrue or misconstrued.

Formed from the drip, drip,
drag of regret deconstructed.
Rue, yes, but build anew.


Pounce on opportunities for

perspective elevation.
Breathe in realizations

of your true essence,
purposeful positivity.


Crush the conservatorship landforms
named obstacle and perception.
Raze, rather than recall,
all your errors leading you to
the valley of lush growth.


Crystalize within memory the times
that you’ve been your own hero.
Corrosive emotions are ineffectual
against the cascading beauty of your strength.

Bloom again, awash in scented peace.


Suzy Bordwell

Suzy Bordwell writes historical fiction and poems navigating reflective truths. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in PBEC SPED Forms, Wingless Dreams, WILDsounds, and Storyville. She promotes early literacy by teaching special education.

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