My Dreams Are Strong


My Dreams Are Strong



they grab me in the dark 

and carry me to vague childhood spaces,


that acidic thin man towers, fedora, no eyes, 

I’m pressed into the corner of the 


dim room with the lamb colored wall paper,

suffocating in sick morning light,


a bilious smell, 

a scratching at the shutters.


The crier crow, on the railroad fence

calls forth the persistent day.


John Ziegler


John Ziegler is a poet and painter, gardener and traveler, originally from Pennsylvania, he recently migrated to a mountain village in Northern Arizona. He has been published in:

Academy Of The Heart And Mind,  Ariel Chart, Autumn Sky,  Literary Yard, Red Eft, Rusty Truck, Silver Birch, and I have a chapbook (Heading West) published by Kelsay Books.

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