Dad, Always My Hero

Dad, Always My Hero



`Father’s Day’, heralding all fathers, has just come and gone,

I cherished the day for I thought of my father, so fit and well,

A man of sterling and ethical qualities, of principles and class,

With whom we children could automatically relate to and gel


My dad was a wonderful, upright, workaholic role-model,

He was my crutch when I could not stand nor walk,

He was my Superman, Batman and Phantom, all in one,

And he was my voice articulated when I could not talk


His lessons are evergreen and all about courage and grit,

As he implored us to always be clear in conviction and strong,

He told us that such qualities are very essential and necessary,

And could help us distinguish clearly between right and wrong


My dad constantly told us to study methodically,

He being my most versatile advisor, motivator and hero,

He told us to dream ambitiously and futuristically,

Otherwise, we could remain, by default, an absolute zero


“Preparation for adulthood starts with a good attitude,”

he said, urging us to traverse the paths of destiny and fate,

for which he told us to be patient, cautious and careful,

especially when initiating searches for the elusive mate


Yes, dad knew that we had to now find our dream partners,

For gone were the days of being `Daddy’s little girl’,

Now we must venture forth into adulthood and matrimony,

While calming the million dreams that did unfurl


I told dad of my visions of a potential life companion,

Someone so great for whom I would like to be his Queen,

Though I told dad, “By default, I will always be your Princess,

A daughter, like a sparkling diamond with perfect sheen

 Heera Nawaz 

Miss Heera Nawaz is a writer and poet who has spent several years of her life, penning prose and poetry for numerous newspapers and magazines, both in India and abroad. Ms. Nawaz has got her poems published also in poetry anthologies, which have been circulated in educational institutions in India. She is even in touch with several interactive websites, like, Heart and Soul Poetry Group and Realistic Poetry International, where her poems have been critically acclaimed. She has recited her poems at numerous functions and has won several awards for them. Recently, she won a lifetime Achievement Award for being the Best NIE (Newspaper in Education) Teacher Co-ordinator from over 250 schools in Bengaluru, an award instituted by The Times of India.  Her main job here was to edit the poems of school children. She loves writing poetry, and she expects her poems to always reflect the beauty of deep emotions and sentiments. She would love to communicate to like-minded poets and can be reached at

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