Once Immaculate (dedicated to my Father)

 Once Immaculate  (dedicated to my Father) 

The dust rag lost again?

It took 2 waiting years of wonder

Before I realized the stupidity

Of buying a $50,000 dust rag.

And where is it now?

Lost in the moldy mountains of soot!

As I look down to the filthy floor,

I remember a spotless home.

If I had it now, I would drown it

In a bucket overflowing with Mr. Clean.

I would wring it! Spit on it!

I would strangle it with all my might!

Contaminated cobwebs in the corner,

Spaces sprinkled with scum,

The reek of rotten remembrance

Of how that dust rag scrubbed.

The smut in my mind

Says she is eating T-bone with the best.

And me, Swanson's Cheese noodle with the tv.

Me and my vacation in vermin.

 Scott MacKillop

Scott MacKillop has been writing for over 20 years. The poem "Once Immaculate" was written at the age of 14 and he dedicated it to his father while his parents were struggling with a divorce. Since this time he has written a number of poems, songs, and short stories(one of these stories recieved first place in The Frontier College of Writing's Annual Writing Competition in November,2016).Other than this, he hasn't sought publication until now. He also recently began recording some of his songs and is pleased to say that he is in dead centre of completing his greatest goal which is to finish a novel that has been in the works for nearly 3 years. 

Even with this hectic schedule, he had to find a way to pay the bills. His passion for books came at an early age, even at 16 he talked about opening a used bookstore. Because of this, he decided in December 2016 to try doing this online rather than have a physical address. Considering the fact that he would have to find enough space for nearly 100,000 books(all from his personal library), the idea of doing this online became even more appealing. Although he won't be rich anytime soon, he is happy to be doing something he loves even if he is only scraping by.

After many horrid years of dealing with addictions, institutions, and a bipolar disorder, he has finally found sobriety through a need to not only help himself but a desire to help others while doing so. He has now been drug and alcohol free for 9 months, and can finally say that he is in pursuit of his goals.

He lives in Ottawa, Canada

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