They Are Watching

They Are Watching


We are like barbarians;

And our barbarism they notice

But little do they care.

In their eyes we cry,

In their ears we are noise

But we put them there.


Dear fathers seem not troubled;

We exhaust our energy in working,

Only to be awarded a word of mouth

But where will that take me.

You have seen me sweat

But you feel you owe me nothing,

Not even a glass of water

You should've noticed my thirst.


From the VIP glass room;

They see us battering each other

We fight for crumbs,

Crumbs from the master's table

But we still thirst and we are unfortunate;

Water has no crumbs

And from the master's chalice

We shall drink not.


In a supposedly peaceful world:

When they preach equality,

Practiced amongst themselves alone

We remain characters behind the scenes,

And we question the origins of the idea

Whether it was brought up by a sane system.


Vanity upon vanity;

Is what we see every sunrise,

Dreadful memories of our own history

Which is bound to repeat itself.

For yesterday is long gone;

But they still watch us suffer

And it pleases them to the marrow

Seeing us struggle for a piece of the cake.


Jurgen Namupira 

Jurgen Martin Namupira was born on 2 May 1996 in Harare, Zimbabwe and raised in Chegutu.  Currently he is studying an electronics student at Northlink College in Cape Town, South Africa.  He went to David Whitehead primary school and did O level at Chegutu high school and his A  level at St Francis high Chegutu. Writing is not a profession for him but a passion driven by  talent and is the author of a poetry collection titled “GRRETINGS!”. His main themes for  concern are abuse, love and freedom.



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