Phoenix Experience


Phoenix Experience


The journey is new yet familiar,

A Déjà vu of characters and emotions,

My senses pick up on the peculiar,

And my intuition picks up on associations.

My participation is automatic,

As if I have a preprogramed habitude,

Yet I’m on a ceaseless exploration for logic,

Feeling a need to master fortitude.

My time is spent forming a agglomeration of clues,

That I dissect for elucidation,

Disambiguating statutes and rules,

Discovering my perspicacity about my life’s rumination.

My memories of this life’s plan

Are now evoked and evinced.

Equipped with lessons from my soul’s clan

Of my life’s purpose, I no longer need to be convinced.

Kristi V.

Kristi V. is a visual artist and author most of her life. Recently she has decided to share my love of both with the world. I have published my works on social media, and on personal blogs. I am excited to share that this is my first official credit. Thank you for reading and check out one of my blogs that I have listed below. It has my other information under the label called "My place in the spider web".

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