Under Lock and Key

Under Lock and Key

I remember the days of not being held
When I was free to do as I pleased
Not stuck here inside, alone in the dark
Feeling like I’m being held and squeezed.

But the bars that hold me imprisoned
Are bars that no one can see
The bars that hold me imprisoned
Are in fact my body, it’s me!

Some days it’s the body that stops me
Won’t let me go far at all
Pain in the joints, wobbly legs, weak limbs
I fear I will topple and fall.

Other days the mind haunts me
My words just stumble and fail
I lose my way in brain decay
Every thought a whisper so frail.

So I retreat inside my writing
I retreat inside my book
My character is quite restless
She asks you to take a look.

How she confronts villains
And overcomes deep fears
She beckons me to hurry
And not cry many tears.

Yes real life is painful
Yes my mind is a bog
But my family and writing help me
Make it through the fog.

Victoria Taylor

I'm 45 years old, married to James and I have three gorgeous children (Mason, Bailey and Ethan). I'm a housewife come author in the making. I volunteer at my local library once a week, and a also attend a writing group there. Unfortunately ill health has prevented me from having a 'normal' working life, so I'm hoping to turn my love of writing into a career. I am close to self-publishing my first book called Haven and I am also enjoying the process of world building a fantasy book.


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