I Only Cry When the Sun Is Moonlit

I Only Cry When the Sun Is Moonlit


My eyes can only believe what I see in my sight.

I realize that everything that I see is under a bright light.

Everything that I visualize is an aspect of an assortment of things that God wants me to see in my lifetime.

All my senses involve a piece of my lifeline.

Deception is a piece of time that has already come true.

It is everywhere even if we only see the blue.

When I realize that I will not end up in bottomless pit.

I Only Cry When the Sun Is Moonlit.


Our eyes tend to see millions of images in seconds.

When we only realize that when somebody dies, only God gives them refunds.

To everyone this is not even a surprise.

knowing that this reflection is far from being a disguise.

Knowing that only a few do not know the reason why.

The reason that only a few people truly understand their due date.

Millions of people do not know their true selves.

Only to realize that Satan has their souls wrapped up in Hell on bottom shelves.

Wrapped up in The Sands of Time

People ask for a dollar, but only receive ten pennies to make a dime.

Realizing that God has never forsaken them.

So, they try to do everything in their power to touch God's Garment hem.

Not knowing that we all have the Spirit of God in us

, but the only way of going about this is knowing that there is only one God whom we could trust.

To figure out my role in Life's Skit.

I Only Cry When the Sun is Moonlit.


For every moonlighted star in the midnight sky.

There is a soul waiting to be apprehended by.

Either God or Satan for the soul's apprehending.

Wait to figure out where the soul will lie.

Is there really a past, present or future with every single one of our days.

Or is it just one simple repeating day that we act differently in each of our different ways.

We all should not wait until the sun comes out.

We in all ways already have more than one way to shout.

Life is promised due to situations.

Each of us has a life to give to end our sorrows and complications.

Judging by the fact that Life is too easy to lose.

With God, all we must do is choose.

Minutes pass by and I realize more.

That my life will always have an open door.

My mind could race if it wants to.

I keep realizing that every second I keep having to wonder why I go through.

Why I go through all my pains.

Why am I the only one who could get rid of these chains?

My end is when God says it is.

I don't remember my old times such as this.

I know there is too much to live for.

Too much already had enough time to reoccur.

I don't want to look at my life and just sit.

Because I Only Cry When the Sun Is Moonlit.


My mind goes one hundred miles per hour in slow motion.

There is a way that I could figure out this Logical Notion.

I must dig deep into the pits of my heart

, and make everything I know into readable art.

Finding out ways to help millions of people

, but doing that is already harder than the core of the Earth's mantle.

There is no other way that I could go

, realizing that this sun has already been lit,

Because I Only Cry When the Sun is Moonlit.

Walter Leroy Dickens Jr.


Hey everyone. My name is Walter Leroy Dickens Junior. I was born In Hanford, California ,but I lived in Louisiana most of my life.I am 24 years old right now and I am a part of Quality Care Community Outreach Program right now. I  am a devoted poetry writer and write my lyrics respectfully and truthfully. Thank you all and have a wonderful evening.


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