Just Another Night in the City of Angels

Just Another Night in the City of Angels


 Sam Adams worked in the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, as a consular officer. His main duty was helping Americans (AMCITS in the trade) who got into trouble.  And in Bangkok, the city of Angels, AMCITS, particularly middle-aged males, were always getting into trouble, “Capital T Trouble” as Bangkok attracted the down and out and looser flotsam American male like a lamp attracts moths - just could not keep them away.

 After about a year of such duty, Sam was cynical, thought he had seen it all.  After all, he was the veteran now of at least 40 deaths, and at least as many arrests.  Most of the deaths were routine - traffic accidents being the number one killer of unwary drunken Americans.   But, every so often, a big old messy mysterious death case arrived on the Embassy doorstep.

Usually the police called up reporting they had found a dead American in a hotel room who had died from a drug overdose or too much alcohol or a heart attack after a sexual liaison with a "Khatoey".  The "Khatoey" were infamous throughout Asia. 
The story goes - the most beautiful drop dead gorgeous women working the Go-Go bar scene

were depending on one’s view, not quite 100 percent women.  They shared one thing though

beside their great beauty - they were dangerous as hell when they got angry - and they got

angry whenever a customer refused to pay them for service rendered.  The cops generally also

took the view – “you pay for service rendered”.  

When Sam first heard of the mysterious death of John Sam Washington, he thought “Just another drunken middle age man cheating on his wife while on a sex tourist stop in Bangkok."  Sam by now had “the call to the wife call” down pat - he always diplomatically steered away from the cause of death and refused to confirm the presence of another lady or pseudo lady as the case might be as a proximate cause of death.  Just no point to it - after the entire guy was dead and the adultery died with him, Sam thought.

Sam arrived at the local police substation at 3 in the morning – the time when the best cases

came to light.  Sam was well known to the local cops and was friends with them all.  The

Sergeant in charge, Kuhn Dang, took Sam aside when he arrived and said, "You are not going

to believe this, Kuhn Sam, but there is something very strange about this case.  You see we

found the deceased covered with green blood.  Kuhn Lek had been seen with him just moments

before he was found screaming in his hotel room.  The folks next door said he was screaming

"Get her off me.  She is a monster from another planet." 

When they ran in the door she was seen getting dressed but he was all cut up in little pieces as if

some animal had taken a bite out of him.   And his cock was bit off.  She claimed that she

walked into the room to have sex with him and saw him there - dead and saw a monstrous

creature on top of him.  The creature took one look at her and flew out the window into the

night carrying away Mr. Washington's cock."

Sam, of course, did not believe this poppycock, thought it was just another one of the urban legends floating about Bangkok that year - about the monster that killed you in your sleep after seducing you.  But then again, this was the first such case to involve an American so Sam thought he better pay attention. 

 The police finished interviewing Khan Lek.  She seemed to him to be a typical Khatoey - although a bit bigger than the average one.  She/he worked out of the Casanova bar in Soi Nana, a notorious Khatoey hang out.   She/he leered at him and promised him a great big blowjob if Sam put in a few good words to get her released.  Sam, despite his best intentions, was tempted as he had not yet been with a Khatoey and his drinking buddies all claimed that the sex with a Khatoey was absolutely the best sex a man could ever have, provided he got over his hang ups about being with a person of uncertain gender.  Sam finally decided what the hell and suggested to the cops that they let Kuhn Lek go for lack of evidence.  He did suggest that they do a blood test on her just for sure.  

The next night Sam saw Khun Lek in a bar. They went into the back room.  Kuhn Lek took off her clothes revealing a stunningly beautiful body beneath her clothes.  They started kissing and fooling around and Sam looked down and noticed that Kuhn Lek was turning reddish in color, and her skin was becoming leathery.  Sam jumped up alarmed and backed away from her - just as she transformed into a hideous creature with leathery wings and tentacles like that of a squid or octopus.  She hissed "Sam, I am a Cthulu from the planet Sirius and I have existed for years.  I live to eat human animals like you.  You can't escape your fate." 

 Kuhn Lek plunged at Sam.  Sam ran out the door and into his colleagues who were looking for him.  Sam turned and saw Kuhn Lek flying off through the window and disappearing into the gloomy night air of Bangkok.

 The next morning his colleges told him that the blood work had come back.  To Sam’s surprise and to the surprise of everyone in the Embassy and the police, Kuhn Lek it appears was not a human being as her blood was green and contained cooper and non-human chemicals.  Sam always concluded, “Hell it was another sordid night in the city of Angels.


John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller

John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet, and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries - Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain, and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career.  Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed three novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders, the Great Divorce, and Jurassic Cruise) and is pursuing publication.  He has been writing poetry all his life and has published his poetry in electronic poetry forums, including All Poetry, Moon Café, and Duane’s Poetree and literary magazines.   He is looking forward to transitioning to his third career – full-time novelist and poet after completing his second career as a Foreign Service officer, and his first career as an educator overseas for six years upon completion of his Peace Corps service in South Korea.

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