The Distant Shore

The Distant Shore


Out beyond that far horizon
Is something we all long for
Out beyond where eyesight fades
Is where our dreams patiently wait
May my patience wear not thin
May I be strong enough to last the day
I strain my eyes for a sign
For a sign of my hard won reward

Oh! Will it ever come?
Or will I be forever lost at sea?
My heart yearns for my purpose!
My soul yearns to see my destiny
May fate guide me to that shore
To a fate worthy of me and more
Though the winds toss me to and fro
I will not lose my compass of hope

I cannot fight the sea or tide
I can just go with the flow
But I set my sails the best I can
And I set my heart towards the goal
Onward, onward ever onward!
Never to return to where I was before
The wind caresses my grand, white sails
I feel the cool wind urging me forward

There on that distant shore
My dreams await my lonely heart
To give me what I desire
To give me what I've always longed for
There on that distant shore
My heart will find true peace
Where dreams come true
And destiny waits to give me meaning

As my journey beckons me ever onward
I will brave the endless ocean waves
Through the thick and thin
Through rain, storm and relentless wind
My courage gives me strength
Through blistering sun and heat
Through gales and the thickest fogs
I will find my way to that far shore

So set your eyes forward
And sail on to keep sailing on
Just to get some hope
We will make it my friends
Our destiny awaits us all!
Fate beckons us to keep the course
One day our dreams will come true
When we stand upon that distant shore

David Weir

My name is David Weir and I am an author of both prose and poetry. Right now, I am creating a bold new epic adventure that tells the story of good versus evil in a whole new way. I have always had a love for writing. It is my passion. What I truly want is to share my stories and poetry with the world and to give readers an exciting, new experience for them to enjoy.


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