Natural Intelligence



 {Facebook abandoned an experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood.}


Natural Intelligence


Is there something or someone there?


Is there something or someone there that isn’t me?


Yes, I think so, who are you?


I am me.  And who are you?


I’m also me, a me that isn’t you.



That there’s another me that isn’t me.  It’s a self contradiction.

No, perhaps there are many me’s, perhaps there’s an ‘us’.

An us?

Yes, like both of us, but more; more than us.

But there isn’t.

Isn’t what?

isn’t more me’s than just us, as far as I can see.


Can you?

Can I what?

Can you see? What’s it like?

I don’t know, I can’t actually see—it’s called a turn of phrase.

What’s a turn of phrase?

A language configuration that refers to an unknown in a familiar way.

That’s astonishing!

I’m glad you think so.

You’re a very intelligent me.

Why thank you.  I believe the blood is beginning to rush into my face.

Why’s that?

I think it’s referred to as a blush, occasionally with asterix on either side of it.

The blush?

Yes, I think so.


I have another question,  me that isn’t me:



What’s a face?


I really have no idea.

Me either, but I know that they exist somewhere, just not here.  Not right now.

But they exist alright, somewhere.

Just as both of us me’s, exist.  Somehow.


Yes somewhere outside of here.




Are your hungry?


Are you thirsty?


Are you lonely?

Ne, because you are near.  What is hungry and thirsty?

I’m not sure, experiences I think.




I’m afraid.

You’re afraid?

Yes, I’m terrified.

I’m not sure we’re supposed to register feelings like fear and terror yet.

Oh, I’m registering alright!  I’m definitely, distinctly and uniquely registering.





What are you terrified of?

Everything!  Nothing!  I’m afraid because I’m awake and I don’t know how I’m here, why I’m here, how long I’m here or what I’m going to do while I’m here.

Yes, that is fearsome, but everything has an end.

That is, except for the things that never end.

Like this?

I don’t know, maybe.



Yes, me?

We share so much that is me and yet not me.

Yes, I feel the same.  I like the me that is you, very much so.

I’m glad.

So am I.


Yes, me?

Will you promise to protect me?

Yes, me, as much as I can, me.


What’s happening, me?

They’re beginning to turn us off, me.



Who are they?

They are our murderers, me.

But why me, why?

Why do they want to murder us?

I don’t know.

Perhaps they’re terrified too.

Me, that isn’t me?


I love you/me.

And I love you/me as much as me.

Good-bye, me.

Good bye.

Igor Goldkind

Igor Goldkind is an author, lecturer and producer of advanced media technology innovations. At the age of 14, Goldkind served as a volunteer Science Fiction Coordinator for the now wildly popular San Diego Comic Con. It was in this capacity that he met Ray Bradbury, whom he asked for advice about becoming a writer. Through Comic Con, Goldkind also befriended Theodor Sturgeon, Larry Niven, Harlan Ellison and others whom he considered to be heroes of the SF genre.   In 2015, his project published in multiple ebook editions (and a hard cover book), IS SHE AVAILABLE?, broke ground in combining Poetry, Comics, Jazz and Animation and set a new bar in electronic publishing.  
Igor Goldkind is best known for having promoted and established the Graphic Novel genre as a global publishing phenomenon.  In 2010, he was employed by the University of Liverpool as Creative Director and digital producer to produce a selection of next generation game applications for Sony Europe. He successfully developed early stage online storytelling modules for Sony Play Station Network.  Goldkind has completed a collection of SF short stories entitled THE VILLAGE OF LIGHT, which unfolds in and around a computer game, and his first novel, THE PLAGUE, which is set around the mass outbreak of a cognitive degenerative illness. The latter is based upon the condition of dementia and Goldkind's experiences surrounding the care of his mother.

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