Hail and rain, mud all around, machine gun clack, no turning back Passchendaele. Men dying in bullet hails, shouts and painful wails, Passchendaele. Over the top to certain death 6000 men lay in the mud, oozing blood, Passchendaele.

Edgar Mobbs, hero of the hour, over the top for to a machine gun stop, cut down in his prime, dying in thick sludge and grime, hero second to none, Passchendaele. Men of rugby will be playing no more, casualties of war, Passchendaele. War on an unprecedented scale, men never came back to tell their tale. Passchendaele.

Families cry and wail, Their loved ones fall on foreign ground, many of them never found, just memorials of that horrific killing ground, Passchendaele. Forests grow and peace flows, in this tranquil place where that battle took place, Passchendaele.

Mark Symmonds

48-year-old Mark Symmonds from Northampton, England, started writing poetry and flash fiction on a regular basis in April 2017 and has already published over 100 pieces of work on his blog at

Mark writes freestyle rhyming poetry covering a variety of genre. His flash fiction is dark and haunting, often with an unexpected twist. Mark has started writing a novel, which, along with his poetry and flash fiction, he hopes to get published soon. Mark publishes his work all over social media with nearly three thousand followers on twitter alone.

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