Finally, we are going for a picnic

Surely, it's no longer a gimmick

We actually are in a bus

Hey why so hurry? What's the rush?

There will be badminton, there will be scramble

The music of joy is clearly audible

Basket full of burger, pizza, sandwiches

A beautiful blend of palatable delicacies

A day without any pressure, without any tension

Spending a day beneath a tree with your very own imagination

Crystal clear lake and shiny green grass

Hey swan couple, hey birds come join us

Sandip Chanda


I am Sandip Chanda and I am from West Bengal, India. I am a passionate poet, artist and devotee of literary works. I worked on creation of Computer graphics for several websites and app on freelance basis. I work in MNC as a software engineer. I live with my parents. My hobbies are playing football, travelling, reading and watching movies.

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