Words on a Page

Words on a page

Colorful words danced on my tongue

Daring to leave that secret place

My heart grew wings and flew

To give another something else to you

Deep have I buried my pains

That new-born stars may shine

What are you waiting for?!

Don't just stand there

Like so much whatever in the world

Good grief already

Paint the world over with words

Together with unspoken dreams

Catch the poet in you

Sketch words on a page

Navigate silent words bravely

Marching to your own heartbeat

And what is this I spy

Let the pipers play

Into the fabric of life

The best of the season

Is upon us

Life in a virtual coffee shop

Where you steal glances

Things said now do not matter

But the moments we miss

Self portrait of a species

Filled with glittery things

Frozen words now on fire

Bloody pens, retractable hearts

Words left to play alone

To that end I've found home

Comfort offered by vow

I and my words

Bleed together now


Lailah Saafir

My name is Lailah Saafir. I am 48 years old. I have been writing since I was 14. I have had a few things published. I live in Arlington Texas. Poetry keeps me sane.


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