Arriving at a Shelter from Violence


Arriving at a Shelter from Violence



Your wounds are fresh

and still too deep

to paint your surfaces blue.

Only pinpoints of blood

decorate your skin,

like freckles on little girls

before we train them

to blush, gloss,


The red dots are petechiae,

and I connect them.

Blood spills from your capillaries,

the last destinations of your cardio vasculature,

the furthest reaches of your heart.

Sit with me,

and I will hold your hand

until strangers no longer stare and judge,

until the bruises bloom

and fade,

and you remain.
Anna Kander
Anna Kander is a writer in the Midwest. Her work is published or forthcoming in journals including Wax Seal, Leveler, and Train. Find her at or on Facebook at

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