a theory of you in the flood

a theory of you in the flood

Photographic processing transforms the latent image into a visible image,

makes this permanent and renders it insensitive to light-

-Karlheinz Keller

your photo floating in the flood

reveals the relativity of knowing

the world as it is- a lonely landscape

filtered sepia- your skin glows

cold- feet buried in the barren winter

wonder- your tan– I presume tan– overcoat

falls mid-calf in a wide, ample hem

that rhymes with the gabble

roofs of dark houses nearby

the colorlessness of Lower East Side

you look like a Christmas tree- I think

maybe you wanted to be a tree,

feet rooted in the ground underneath-

the snow- your body is an hourglass

as you look to the camera in frozen awe,

holding on to the languid limb of a tree,

and in the picture, you and I are together

again: I am the piece of dead wood
Elidio La Torre Lagares
 Elidio La Torre Lagares is a poet from Puerto Rico.

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