The wind tests

The clapboard stores

Touches tumbleweeds,

Creaks the open shutter


Horses stir with


Anticipation, nervousness


Dust rises under

Their footfalls,

Spurs ringing out,

Desperate calls.


Eyes focused,

Mouths firm

Prairie dogs sniff,

Seek refuge

In burrows


Revolvers slung to legs

Near at hand

Four men dark and tall

Passing the staring eyes


Rustling people

On either side

Seeking shelter,

Hiding for their lives.


Poof hairdos duck

From the windows

Slender barrels protruded

In their place


Hair on end

A trickle of sweat

Eyes still focused



Flowing dresses

Disappear between


A ghost town

An isolated village


The subtle frightened laughs

From brilliant eyes

Touching others

Saw the dawn’s

Distant early glare
Joseph Moran
Joseph Moran has most recently appeared in OVS Magazine, Visions with Voices, and his novel, Splinters, is set to be released this coming  January by Blue Swan Publishing.


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