In Nectar's Shadow

In Nectar’s Shadow

Oh, nectarine from the flower so sweet,

Why when my proboscis partakes your tangy delight

Does it enrich so flavorfully every part and pore?
Through my eyes of amber flints and

The droning rhythmic beat of my wings,

I see clear the eyes and air.

Wonderful! I cry. What a view!

Off in the field a bird joins this bee.

Whose wings sing with Mother’s fast melody?

Flit flit and buzz buzz. Such a symphony!

This land, the ground where this contract of sound is made,

The dandelions and tulips call. Lilies and daisies too!

 In  the nighttime sky the fly whose fire
Lights up the alleyways along my path,

The call of the owl, Hoo-hoo hoo hoo-hoo!

Its feathers raised, chest out and eyes agape,

These are truly wondrous sounds that milk my ears.

And night soon falls and daytime once more calls,

Busy I flies, through the gleaming star up on high,

I crave life’s sweet nectar for another day

Full knowing that someday I will die.
Ryan Lindemayer
 Ryan Lindemayer is an author of one published book. He enjoys experiencing the different daily things life has to offer and expresses himself in a multitude of activities, including writing. He lives in Connecticut with his family.

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