Real Dreams Are Great

Real Dreams Are Great

The more seconds that tick by,
The more exhausted I become.
With heavyset bags under my eyes,
I fight this game to prove
To reality that I’m no longer numb.
In truth, I need to sleep,
Just for a few soothing weeks.
Shut off my sentience, make it null.
Let me think of sleep’s enticing lull,
But I cannot die, not now, of all times.
I have things to do, people to love,
Memories to make, dreams to fulfill,
Even if this is some existential waste.
Maybe I’m the starch, something they cannot digest,
Or the half-chewed gum, the flavor all gone.
For sure that sounds like I’m done,
But as these words are scrawled I’m no longer thinking
To be Sleeping Beauty’s companion in dreaming.
I’ll take an Aspirin and wait my turn,
For eternal sleep to throw me to the worm,
But if you want me to be completely honest,
If I could later wake up again, that would be really glorious.
Ryan Lindemayer

Ryan Lindemayer is an author of one published book. He enjoys experiencing the different daily things life has to offer and expresses himself in a multitude of activities, including writing. He lives in Connecticut with his family.

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