The Final Minute


The Final Minute

Descending into
raw emotion,
mouths open
in expectation.

A scream stalls.

Eyes open wide,

out of their sockets.
Hearts flush blood,
faces turn pale.

Such obscene absence!

Tense arms,

once lifted,
fall limp.


A senseless motion.

Shaking legs

give in,
collapsing bodies

fall back
onto their uninviting

A deafening
sound of bullets
the hopeful champion.


Bodies shiver
while blood
drips slowly.

A missed goal,
happiness fading
when the ball rolls

in the final minute.


Andrea Barbosa


A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, writer and poet Andrea Barbosa has been as a guest speaker at Houston Writers Guild's conferences, Houston Baptist University's Writers' Conference, Lone Star College's Bayou City Book Festival, and has been a regular guest panelist at Comicpalooza's (Texas' largest pop culture event) Literary Track.

Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies and in the Southern Pacific Review. She currently serves as VP and Press Director for the Houston Writers Guild and Flash Fiction Editor for The Ocotillo Review literary journal.

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