The River Styx Never Knew My Name

The River Styx Never Knew my Name

My bones fluster inside Byronic Nebula

which pressures diamonds into coal and coal into dust.


My flesh becomes salted with Chiron

who never knew my true name,


Even as he carried me across Styx

where the flow was overwrought with tears


of beggars for life, witnessing Hermes trodden

winged Bye-lids of whispering departures.


The coins settle to soil and soil settles

to ruination of Calypso-idoled desire.

Adam Levon Brown
Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He has had poetry published around 150 times in 11 countries. He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Poetry Pacific, and Yellow Chair Review. 

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