She died a little inside

Long had she lived 

With her delusions

And many had come

To their conclusion

She was out of her mind

She cried very little

Kept to herself

Delusions had her

Seeing things she thought

Were true

Yet she said nothing

But somehow they knew

Once she had been vibrant and young

She'd had pride and was outgoing.

Now she lives with another knowing

She has created a three verse song

At one time she was just a Muslim girl

At mosque praying, she was about

That Muslim life

Then she changed to Christianity

It lessened her strife

That was the beginning

Of what would unfurl.

As she grew older, 

She found herself with AIDS

Certainly she would die

In this bed that was made

But God had other plans

Raising her from a certain grave

To her consternation

Her mind he did not save.

Next chapter, mental illness took over

She lost her way, at times her faith

But this is her story

God makes no mistake

She will rise again

To find peace of mind

Right now she has a three verse song

But what if there were more

She didn't show

Is there more to the story to know

Maybe you shouldn't judge her wrongs

Think, as she dies a little inside

Broken of her youth and her pride

Your conclusion

May be the real delusion.


Lailah Saafir


My name is Lailah Saafir. I am 48 years old. I have been writing since I was 14. I have had a few things published. I live in Arlington Texas. Poetry keeps me sane.

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