Love After Love, After Derek Walcott

Love After Love, After Derek Walcott


Tomorrow. Sooner.

You will release what was suppressed

From that dark place you lived

You will see her.  Connect, and

You will feel hunger for life, for the moment.

Today, you will hug the fear, kiss the doubt.

Share wine, bread, your heart.

Be not afraid. Embrace. Weep happiness.

Step out of the costume of silence.

Put on the cloak of courage.

Read your story as if freshly inked; a coda

To this verse. Smile. Circle your arms around

You. Trust joy.


Diana Rosen


Diana Rosen’s poems, essays, and micro fiction appear in print and online journals, including, among others: Rattle, Tiferet Journal,,,,,,, www.camrocpressreview, and in the anthologies: The Poetry Box: Love Poems,  Altadena Poetry Review, Those Who Can … TEACH: Celebrating Teachers Who Make a Difference; BOLD INK, Collected Voices of Women and Girls,  and Kiss Me Goodnight, Stories and Poems by Women Who Were Girls When Their Mothers Died

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