What Am I DNA Fortune Cookies

What Am I DNA Fortune Cookies 


I just finished two rounds of DNA testing

The results were shocking and unreal

They revealed much of what I knew

And left gapping holes in my past life


The one thing that I know for sure

Is that I am 100 percent American

100 percent Californian

100 percent Berkeley

Yes I am Berkeley enough


The tests say that I am mostly Scandinavian 

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, perhaps Finnish and perhaps Laplander

That I know is real


The tests also reveals that I have lots of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh background – also true

The tests hint at Jewish ancestry also hinted in family lore


The surprises were that they missed most of my native ancestry

Apparently the lost tribe of the Cherokees are lost to the DNA data base as well


The test failed to recognize my substantial German heritage missing my German last name

The test also claimed that I have Italian and Southeast European ancestors


And the tests claim that I have Eastern European ancestry perhaps Russian

And the tests claim that like most people with Eastern European roots

I am part Mongolian  thanks to Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun


The real surprise though is the African American that popped up

That is also consistent with my mother’s tangled history

the lost tribe of the Cherokees ran away into the hills

and mixed in with Scott Irish mountain farmers and runaway slaves


in the end the DNA tests neither confirmed

nor denied my family tangled history

leaving many questions behind

almost as enigmatic as a fortune cookie

or a astrological prediction

Jake Aller

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