Wind Charm

Wind Charm


In April, greet

the westerly wind

that blasts and attacks

and forces its way

and tastes wet and old

of muddy decay

of marshes and snow-melt

of worms, wilted weeds

dander and droppings

from geese, gulls, and cranes

breathe diesel from semis

breathe fertilized fields

 he wind carries poisons

the wind carries seeds

it pushes lake water

it punches the waves

away slumps and lulls

away ruts and mires

rise up human spirits

lift joy and desire

let wind unpin spring

let spring spin with wind 

let spring drink with wind 

let wind bring spring

Peggy Turnbull

Peggy Turnbull began to write poetry after she returned to live in her Wisconsin birthplace after decades away.  Read more of her poems in Writers Resist, Verse-Virtual, Solitary Plover, and Parody.  



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