Easy Access

Easy Access


Sure, on the tape I made it sound like it’s easy,

and it’s true, when you’re a star,

it’s a huge advantage.

Still, there’s skill involved. You wouldn’t know it

from the media, but I’m, like, a smart guy.


I don’t get any credit for what I’ve done.

I’m a huge success, huge success, but

it’s been a hard road. Like when my father

decided I should go to military school.

I didn’t want any part of it at first.  Ended up loving it,

there were simple rules you had to follow

to keep the stiffs happy and win them over.

Easier than pleasing my father.

Real estate, making big money, becoming a reality TV star.

Not just anyone could have done it. I worked hard,

okay, it’s true, I know, I just had this talent--

for schmoozing and turning on the charm.

Then, at some point, the deals just started coming to me.


The women were just kind of a perk.

There’s nothing like the hunt though,

kind of like trying to swing a big deal.

The one I was talking about on the tape,

can’t understand why I didn’t get in there.

Did what I always do, the flirting, the flowers,

expensive meals and wine. Sometimes

you have to be persuasive in a different way.


Usually, it’s the con though.

You just have to feel out what they need, give them

what they want.  And hey, suddenly--

you’re leader of the free world.


 Steve Granzyk


Steve Granzyk lives in Chicago and has taught film studies and poetry writing at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, and for many years taught literature in public high schools. He has previously published poems in the English Journal (May 2015)) and in Blacklight, a Black Student Association magazine at U of C (December 2015). This poem was inspired by a Forms and Features Workshop through The Poetry Foundation in Chicago.

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